A Dirt Road



When driving on a dirt road such as this, it may seem boring because of all the similar looking trees passing by. There is nothing specific that can catch ones eye. However, dirt roads are more complex and fascinating than what they are made out to be.

It is interesting to think that when giving directions to someone, one will specifically say “dirt road” in the description if the driver is going to be on one.  It is as if people are segregating dirt roads from paved ones.  These roads are both used for the same purpose, yet people will complain more about driving on dirt roads than on paved ones, such as a highway.

The reasoning behind this is because of the effort the driver has to put into their driving when on a dirt road.  For example, on a highway many drivers do not have to think about what they are doing.  A lot of people zone out because it is something they have done over and over again.  Driving on a highway is actually a boring task because of the lack of interest in it.  On the other hand, the amazing thing about a dirt road is the effect it has on a driver.  Once a person goes from pavement to a dirt road, their mindset completely changes.  They become more alert, cautious, and actually drive slower due to the sudden turns, narrow roads and possibility of hitting an animal.  Although these roads can be dangerous, it is less likely for there to be an accident because of how much attention is put on the road.  If people drove on highways in the mindset they have while driving on dirt roads, then it would be much safer.

Although these dirt roads may look peaceful, they can also be very misleading.  Some drivers will be familiar with roads like this but others may not. It is easier to get lost on dirt roads because there are no street signs, familiar houses, or other people to help the driver to get to where they are going.  Sometimes, people just have to guess.

I was put in a situation this weekend when my friend who was driving did not know where she was going.  It was more difficult because as we turned on to the dirt road, the only light was the one coming from the car headlights.  The tall trees made it impossible for any light to get through to the dirt road.  Since she has been to her family’s camp a couple times before she thought that she could find it by herself.  Although, it is not like there are huge green signs directing the driver where to go like on highways.  The only thing we could rely on was memory and chance.

The next time one is approaching a dirt road, they may take note to the affect it has on the driver.  It is almost as if the dirt road holds a secret power that puts people under a spell when they are driving on them.  So if anything, drivers should not degrade dirt roads, they should appreciate them even more for making them a cautious driver to avoid harm unlike on a highway.





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