Looped Vidoes


A phenomena that has been sweeping across YouTube for a couple of years now is looping videos. This is for the purpose of either humor or annoyance. The videos start off funny for the first couple of loops, but by the fourth loop they get annoying because they are so repetitive. If you can make it through the entire fifteen minute loop of the same thing over and over again, I applaud you. It drove me mentally insane after five minutes. I feel like people challenge themselves to watch the entire video when they get bored. This is just one of the millions of videos that people go to when they are completely bored out of their minds.

These kind of videos are great for pranking people or annoying people. When someone leaves their computer on you can just go onto YouTube and find a bunch of the lopping videos and play them so when the person who left their computer open, it is just a mass of annoying sounds. It is best if someone has a mute button on their computer so they can just hit a button and their room is filled with sound. One of the most awkward situations was when we forgot we put one of these “loop bombs” on my friends computer and he brought it to class. It went off in the middle of class and scared everyone. My friend did not know how to turn the sound off so it was playing for a good thirty seconds. Needless to say the teacher was really mad.

People came up with looping videos because they became bored with the original videos, so they took the parts that they liked the most or found the most entertaining and put them on a loop for people to enjoy. It turned into a challenge to watch the entirety of the video to see if you could keep your sanity intact. You can feel your brain cells slowly dying every time another loop goes around. The problem of being bored was fought for a bit, but then replaced by the boredom of listening to the same thing over and over again. People typically go on YouTube to quench their thirst for watching videos, but then get absorbed in taking the challenge of watching a loop video, which instantly makes their boredom come back. Vine is a prime example of looping videos. Vine is filled with six second videos that play on a loop. When scrolling through Vine you are bombarded by different weird videos made by people because they were bored and wanted to do something to keep them entertained for a while. These videos can be very funny at times, and disturbing at others. The looping video makes it easy for people to watch entertaining things over and over again. Vine has turned the human interest in watching people do weird things to themselves over and over again into a business and placed all these sorts of videos into one convenient place.


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