The Lone Star

single star

I found this photo on Google and the name of the photographer was nowhere to be found. The first time most people look at it, they do not see anything. It appears to be a black rectangle. Upon further examination a lone star is visible near the middle of the picture, not even a bright star, a dull star in the distance. For all we know, it might not even be a star. Someone could have drawn a white dot on a sheet of black paper or maybe it is a tiny scratch on a black car.

Many people will lose interest as they continue to look at this photo. It will always be a white dot in the sky. Most people look at it and do not understand what is so amazing about this picture. Why would I bother to post this picture? Some may never notice the lone star surrounded by the night sky. The first time I came across the photo I found myself wondering where the star was (I knew it had to be there since I searched “star in the sky”). After I found it, I was amazed how something that is supposed to be illuminated in the sky was so unnoticeable.

Ever since I was little, I was fascinated by the stars, universe, and the endless possibilities of what else is out there. I found myself so stunned by this photo because there are so many stars out there, but on this night only one was visible. The most astounding part of the picture is that there was no moonlight to illuminate the sky, leaving the star surrounded by total darkness. The picture left me thinking about what else is out there that cannot be seen. We already know that there are tons of other stars and planets, but there may be other undiscovered planets or “people” out there.

Most people take pictures of the sky when it is filled with stars or when there is a full moon; it is interesting to think about the photographer’s reasons for taking a picture of this star instead. The person who captured this photo must share the same thoughts as me; I cannot think of another reason why someone would want to take this photo. The picture in itself is somewhat interesting but the mystery beyond that lone star is more thought provoking.

When I found this photo, I found myself staring at it over and over thinking about everything in the universe and what is beyond our universe. I should have been spending the time writing this post but I could not help myself. Outer space is full of mystery and it will be a long time before humans discover everything out there, if they ever do. The picture illustrates the secrets of space because we are aware that there are more stars around this one but we cannot see them. It is also amazing because there is no way of knowing how far away that star is from us.

The picture reminds me of the countless hours I have spent looking at the sky thinking about what was happening up there. No matter how many times I stare at the stars, I am never bored; there is always something new to imagine. In my opinion, it is one of the most peaceful activities. It is a great escape from everyday stress because it is hard to think about anything else but how amazing nature is.


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