Drug and Alcohol Abuse Amongst College Students

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

As stated in this article, the number of college students participating in some form of drug or alcohol abuse is overwhelming. Research says that half of America’s 5.4 million college students abuse drugs or alcohol at least once a month. These substances act as a means of escaping from the pressures and stress of college life that, more often than not, become overbearing. However, this does not only apply to college students. People all around the world use substances to escape reality temporarily. Whether it be to relax, have a good time, forget about problems, etc., everyone is desperately seeking happiness. What I’ve found is troubling. As a society we look for happiness in these substances that take us out of reality. We are so unhappy and unsatisfied with our lives when we are sober that we feel obligated to partake in drugs and alcohol. They raise your self-esteem, they make you more socially outgoing, they boost your mood, etc. What could be better, right? Through experience and observation, I have discovered that many of us abuse drugs and alcohol because we are bored.

But why are we bored? Aren’t these supposed to be the best four year of our lives? That’s what everyone tells us. For a large majority of college students, the reason why these are the best years can be pointed back to drugs or alcohol. They provide a quick fix to a boring night. It has gotten to the point where many people find it hard to enjoy themselves when not under the influence of some kind of substance. Its seen as absurd to attend a football game or a concert without partaking in some substance activity. It’s not fathomable to have fun at an event like this without being under the influence of something. As a result of this, boredom becomes more of a problem. After drinking alcohol so regularly, as humans, we naturally build a tolerance and we want more. We are bored with the predictable effects of alcohol, and so we search for more intense substances, leading us to hard drugs. As our lives grow more complicated due to the advances in technology and social media, we constantly want more. We are never truly satisfied and we are always going to find ourselves bored. For a short time, alcohol and drugs allow us to remove boredom from our minds and this is why they have become such a problem in the world today.

This just goes to show how powerful boredom can be in our world. So much so, that it leads to self-destructive behavior like that of college students. Many of us reach a point of desperation in which we will experiment with things that may be detrimental to our health and future. Alcohol and drugs provide a way of eliminating boredom which is why they have become so prevalent in college campuses around the world. When our lives seem less than interesting and  are lacking excitement, we resort to substances in order to make them appear more exciting.






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