Captain Crunch

As I was searching for something boring on YouTube, I ended up finding this video named “A Boy Eating Cereal”.  The video is of an adolescent recording himself sitting at a table eating a bowl of Captain Crunch cereal.  The boy does not talk and sits in one place the entire time, so the entertainment value of the video is quite low. From the title of the video I knew that this video was either going to be full of humor or just flat out stupid.  What I ended up finding in this video was a decent mixture of the two that transformed the video from boring and dull, to something that I actually found to be interesting. 

In the beginning of the video the humor is shown through the boy’s facial expressions.  You can imagine how hilarious this idea was to the boy when the video first begins to play.  As he takes his first couple bites of Captain Crunch, you can see him trying to fight from bursting out in laughter.  He tries to make himself seem as serious as possible to those watching, but trying to keep a straight face is nearly impossible.  This helps the viewer relate to the boy because we realize just how comical the idea of making this video is.  The boy fighting the urge to laugh kept me entertained and glued to the screen, in anticipation to see if he would finally crack at a certain point.  The boy never ends up laughing, but somehow I remained entertained and kept watching to see what would happen next. 

At about the two minute mark the video truly starts to become boring to both the viewer and the boy eating the cereal.  The boy begins to become restless, having to move around in his seat in order to keep himself entertained.  Here you can see that the boy realizes just how boring and stupid of an idea this actually was.  It made me think that the boy was contemplating his decision to follow through with this video.  The boy no longer fights the urge to laugh and does not seem entertained with what he thought was a grand idea.  The action of eating cereal starts to become so repetitive that both the boy and the viewer start to believe that he could be using his time more wisely.

Towards the end of the video it is easy to see that boredom has taken over the boy’s mind.  When a person becomes bored it is easy for their mind to start to wonder, and this video gives the viewer and amazing visual of boredom’s effect on the human mind.  Once the boy is consumed by boredom you can see that he starts thinking about different things.  At some points his face becomes puzzled and at other times he looks as if he just discovered the cure for cancer.  His facial expressions show how much his mind is wandering and also show how powerful the mind is.  It really showed me that even though the human body may be stagnant at times that the mind is always in motion.

I truly find it interesting how quickly boredom can change a person’s actions and state of mind.   This video is only four minutes and twenty seconds and I witnessed the boy experience three different feelings.  He first became amused with his idea of making this video, then extremely bored and somewhat tired of it, and then intrigued with everything his mind could possibly think of.  This shows how powerful boredom is and how much it actually affects us in everyday life.


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