The Man Who Has Everything

INT. Bedroom – Middle of the Night

The camera is zoomed in overhead the bed on OLIVER’s face, deep in sleep.

His eyes open with a start. There is a look of shock and pain upon his face. Beads of sweat roll down his face. He rises from his bed, breathing deep, rapid breathes.


The camera cuts to the side of the bed, the moon is clearly shining in the background, its light illuminating OLIVER sitting upon his bed. He is hunched over, looking across the room as if in deep thought. His breathing begins to slow. The camera cuts to an upward angle of OLIVER sitting in bed.


                    OLIVER (V.O)

          The same nightmare. I’ve been having it for weeks now.

                    (Shakes his head and pulls off the covers from atop him)


The camera again cuts to OLIVERS’s face, which turns to look to his right. The camera shifts to a downward angle from OLIVER’s point of view, looking down upon a woman as she peacefully sleeps in bed. She is bathed in moonlight, her blonde hair gleaming beneath it. She slowly turns the other way, only the back of her head and her back visible. The camera cuts to OLIVER’s face, his eyes still looking down.


He turns away, letting out a sigh as he does. The camera angle shifts again to the side of the bed. OLIVER slowly gets up from the bed, his movements labored and inefficient. He walks across the room to his closet, the camera following him as he does so. His feet land with a soft thud with each step he takes. OLIVER reaches down and picks up a shirt, pulling it over himself.


INT. Bathroom – Early Morning


The scene shifts, a sink faucet is visible. A hand appears from out of view and turns the handle. Water rushes out from the faucet, the noise of the water can be clearly heard. The camera shifts to an angled view behind OLIVER’s head, the left side of his face can be seen as can his reflection in the mirror. There are bags beneath his eyes. His face appears worn down and his expression seems defeated. He washes his face and stares intently at his reflection, the camera focusing in on his disheveled appearance. He closes his eyes. He opens them, appearing more tired than ever.


OLIVER walks out of the bathroom, the house is completely silent save for the soft thud of his footsteps. He ventures back to his bedroom, the camera shifts to show him walking through the door. He walks across the room, camera following, and opens the screen door leading to the balcony. He sets on his arms on the side of the ledge, the camera shifting to show his left side. OLIVER leans on the ledge and peers into the distance.


The camera shifts to show the backyard of the house. The yellow glow of the sunrise can be seen behind the vast canopy of trees surrounding the house. There is a pool beneath the balcony, its gentle waters bathed gold by the rising sun. The faint whistle of wind can be heard.


The camera swings around back to OLIVER. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a package of cigarettes and a lighter. He rests the end of the cigarette in his mouth and lights it. The white puff of smoke travels with the wind across OLIVER’s face. He stands on the balcony and smokes for another 15 seconds. The camera shifts closer to OLIVER, showing him looking down at his cigarette. The faint red glow of the tip can be seen as the cigarette slowly turns to ash. He closes his eyes and shake his head. With a flick of his wrist, he tosses the remains of his cigarette into the pool beneath him.


The camera shifts to an upward view of the balcony, OLIVER can be seen exiting back into the house. The view slowly pans downward until it reaches the cigarette resting in the pool. The scene is completely silent. Only the hiss of the cigarette in the water can be heard. The camera rests on it for a few more moments, then the scene fades out.


INT. Kitchen – Morning


The scene shifts. OLIVER is sitting at the dining table in his home, perusing through the sports section of a newspaper. The rustle of the turning of pages can be heard, there is a sink running in the background as well.


The sink is turned off. A figure appears from behind OLIVER. It is the same blonde woman from earlier. She quickly leans over and places a plate of pancakes in front of OLIVER.


The camera follows her as she takes the seat opposite OLIVER at the table, her own plate of food in hand. The sharp sound of the plate being put on the table rings through the air. She immediately begins to go to work on the pancakes, not bothering to glance up at OLIVER. The lighting in the scene is dim, there is a somber, dull mood overhanging the couple.


The camera pans back over to OLIVER as he continues to flip through his newspaper. He reaches the last page and quickly folds the paper, the crisp sound of papers crunching travels through the scene as he does so. He picks up of his fork and knife, and the camera shifts to a view of the pancakes.


The fork comes from out of view and stabs into the pancakes, the knife following suit. The knife slowly cuts into the pancakes, ripping apart the fluffy interior.


The view shifts to show the couple sitting across from each other. Both are fully engrossed in their food, paying little mind to the other. The sound of food being cut and soft sound of the chewing are the only sounds present in the scene.



          Sarah, you know the pancakes are kind of dry today?

                    (chews food with a labored look upon his face)



          We didn’t have enough butter.

(still focused intensely on her food, doesn’t look up to acknowledge OLIVER)


OLIVER nods his head in acceptance of her answer and abruptly picks up his newspaper back up, his half eaten plate of pancakes resting upon the table. The two continue to sit at the table without acknowledging each other. The scene fades out.


INT. Office – Afternoon


The scene changes. OLIVER is sitting at desk, staring intently at his computer. He fixes his tie and clears his throat. There is large window in view behind him. The sky is dark and cloudy outside and rain can be seen pouring down. The constant pitter patter of rain against the window echoes throughout the scene. The scene is dimly lit, there is a greyish overtone enveloping the office. A flash of lightning strikes in the background, the sound of thunder soon following.


The constant tap of fingers on a keyboard can be heard as OLIVER types an email at his computer. There are stacks of paper scattered across his desk.


The camera zooms in on OLIVER’s face. Tiny movements across the musculature of his face are visible. They display a look of exhaustion and emptiness.


The camera pans over to door of the office. A short, frumpy man enters the scene.



          Oliver! Good to see you man, it’s been too long.



          Hi Wilson. It really has, how was the trip?

                    (Oliver continues to type his email)





Fantastic! Hawaii really is something special. You and Sarah need to head down there some time, you’ve never experienced anything quite like it. How’s she doing by the way?

          (sits down in the chair across from OLIVER)



She’s fine. Same as usual really. You know how it is, nothing really ever happens around here. Glad the trip went well.



I am glad to hear buddy. You know, you really lucked out with that girl. God knows how your ugly mug managed land a woman like that. It amazes me to this day.

          (lets out a hearty chuckle, clearly amused with himself)



Yeah, definitely.

          (gives a weak smile while still typing away at the email)


WILSON grins from ear to ear, leans over the desk, and pats OLIVER on the back.



Don’t be shy! Everyone in this office is jealous of ya. Anyway, how have you been? A man like yourself must be keeping pretty busy.



Like I said, it’s pretty much been the same as usual around here. Just been working and staying at home. But Wilson, I really need to catch up on my work here, maybe we can do this another time?

          (his eyebrows furrow, a look of annoyance appears on his face as he continues typing the email)



Of course of course, I’ll let you get to it. But this weekend at my place, I’m having a bit of a get together, I expect to see you there.

                    (Gets out of the chair, points at Oliver and winks)



          Sure thing

                    (rolls his eyes)


WILSON exits the room, the door shuts behind him. The camera shifts to show OLIVER sinking back into his chair, letting out a sigh of relief.




God damn what’s wrong with me. As much as it pains to me to say it, Wilson’s right. I have a beautiful wife, money, everything. Why don’t I feel anything? Why can’t I bring myself to care? I just… I don’t even know anymore.


The camera shifts to an overhead view of OLIVER’s face. He is staring up at the ceiling. The lighting in the scene casts a shadow over part of his face. He tiredly closes his eyes. OLIVER sits there in silence for a moment.


The view shifts to one of the drawers in the desk. OLIVER’s hand reaches down and opens it. From it, he pulls out a bottle of Gin. OLIVER holds the bottle in front of his face; his reflection can be seen in the glass.


                    OLIVER (V.O)

          At least you’re here for me.

                    (opens the bottle)


OLIVER takes a swig from the bottle and slams it down onto the desk, letting out a sigh of satisfaction. The camera angle changes to show the bottle of Gin resting on the desk. The level of Gin in the bottle slowly goes down, showing the passage of time through OLIVER’s drinking.


OLIVER, still leaning in his chair, peers over to the clock on the wall. The camera shifts to it, showing the time to be 11pm.


The view shifts back to OLIVER who rises from his chair and stumbles toward the door.


He accidently knocks the bottle over as he does so, the shattering of glass rings throughout the room.


He doesn’t turn his head and walks onward.


INT Parking Garage – Evening


The scene changes. OLIVER is making his way through the empty parking garage to his car, nearly falling over as he does so. His footsteps come down with a resounding thud each time he takes a step. His movements are erratic.


OLIVER makes it to his car and steps into the driver’s seat.


The camera shifts to outside the car looking at OLIVER through the front windshield. The lighting highlights his eyes, they look dark and empty. The view shifts to show OILVER turning on the ignition. He begins to the turn the steering wheel and drives out of the parking garage. The scene fades out.


INT OLIVER’s bedroom – Evening.


          Sarah is lying asleep in the bed. The flickering of light emanating from the TV can be seen dancing across her.


The camera slowly pans over to the TV screen. There is a news report on it. There has been an accident on the I-5. A car is visible on the screen. It is on fire, black plumes of smoke rising from it. There is no sound, Sarah had muted the TV before falling asleep. A reporter appears on the screen. Still there is utter silence. The scene fades out.


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