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It was a dreary day. The sky was covered with clouds, making it seem like it was going to rain soon. Even though it was winter, people were walking around with no jacket on. It was one of those day where the weather looked horrible, but once you go outside, it’s really nice. 

It was a quiet day. Everyone was either sleeping, or finishing assignments. Kyle was one of the people who had to start their assignments. He was sitting at his desk, turned towards the window. He placed his elbows on the window sill, and rested his head on his hands. He sighed. He couldn’t believe that, once again, he left this for the last minute. Kyle knew he was trapped inside until he finished his assignment. He could only leave his room to pee. His roommate told him that if he sees him socializing, he will kick his ass.

Kyle dropped his head to his arms and groaned. “Why did I tell Mike about this?” Kyle said to himself. In the beginning of the year, they made a pact. Whoever has an assignment due, they can’t let that person do anything until it is done. Their punishment for breaking the pact is to punch the person five times. The pact has only been broken three times. Twice by himself, and once by Mike. After the second time, he knew not to break it again. 

He turned and faced his desk. He looked at the paper with the assignment requirements. He groaned, “God damn it, I don’t know what to do!” He started tapping the pen he was holding. He didn’t know what to write about. He knew nothing about the topic. How is he supposed to write a paper about a topic he knows nothing about. 

Mike walks into the room, drenched. He gets his towel and walks over to his dresser. 

“How’s the paper going?” Mike asked while he was picking out dry clothes. 

Kyle shrugged and said, “I don’t know what to write.”

“What’s your paper suppose to be about?” Mike asked.

“I don’t know. Something about history and how it affected people.” Kyle said. 

Mike walked over the Kyle’s desk and grabbed the paper. He read over it. “It’s not that hard to write. Just look up some stuff and write.” Mike gave the paper back to Kyle. 

“You might want to get this paper done soon.” Mike stated. “We’re gonna go out tonight and you don’t wanna miss this.” 

Kyle looked at him and asked, “Why? It’ll probably be like any other night we go out.” 

“Dude, Seth is visiting! And you know with that little fucker, tonight will be great.” Mike shouted while walking out the door. “So, I advise you to finish that as soon as possible cause he’s only here for two nights.”

Mike shut the door. Kyle groaned and put head on his desk. He looked at the essay requirements again. “Alright, my paper needs to be an editorial, anti-Jackson, and Whigs party. It needs to discuss the issues of the nullification crisis, bank wars, and Indian removals.” Kyle picked up his history book and began researching about the topics he has to discuss. He got his highlighter and started reading the pages about them. He highlighted the things he thought were important. As he was reading, he started to nod off so he placed his head on his head. His eyelids became heavier. His arm became weaker. The words on the paper started to blur and jumble together. He closed his eyes and dropped his head on his desk.

Thud. Kyle moved his head and opened his eyes. He wiped the drool off his face and lifted his head off the table. He looked around seeing that it got significantly dark. “Ugh, how long was I asleep for?” He rubbed his eyes. He got out of his chair and stretched. His whole body was sore for sleeping in that position for a while. He walked out of his room and went to the bathroom. While washing his hands, he realized that it is quiet, unusually quiet. He began asking himself where his floor mates are. “Oh, they’re out with Seth.” He walked back into his room and sat at his desk. He picked up his pen and continued where he left off in the book. 

Suddenly, there was a gigantic explosion. He jumped out of his chair and looked out the window. Kyle spotted the fire down the street. He grabbed his jacket and ran out of his room. He ran down the stairs and out of the building until he reached the location of the explosion. He realized that it was a car on fire. He vaguely saw someone one in there. He couldn’t figure out what to do. He couldn’t go into the car and help, it was on fire. So he called for help. No one answered him. The only sound he heard was the fire crackling as it burned everything away. 

He kept calling for help. Still, no one was coming to help, no one was listening. Tears were falling from his eyes as he tried to call 911. Once again, there was only silence. There was no dial tone, no one on the other line, just pure silence. This made Kyle cry even harder. He fell to the ground. “Why isn’t anyone fucking here?” 

A jeep full of people, stopped near him and a couple of people went up to him. Kyle heard the people asking him questions. He didn’t care. No one answered him, so he’s not going to answer them. One of the guys kicked him to the ground. 

“Who the fuck are you?” the guy asked. He was wearing a soldiers uniform just like the rest of the guys. Only one of them was holding a gun, and it was pointed at him. 

“We asked you a question,” the guy shouted. “Who the fuck are you? Where did you come from?”

The guy holding the gun stated, “This is a no civilian zone. Why are you here?”

Kyle stayed still, mouth shut, not knowing what to say. 

“Search him,” the first guy told the guy with no gun. The guy went up to him and lifted Kyle up. He searched through his pockets and pulled something out. He handed them to the first guy. He took it and opened in up. 

“So you’re transferring to our base. Why didn’t you say so?” The first guy said. “We thought you were some dumbass trespasser who wanted to see some of the action.”

He put out his hand and Kyle shook it. “The name’s Finn. The guy with the gun is Jay and the other one is Alfie. What’s your name?” 

“Kyle,” He answered.

Finn started walking toward the car and told the rest to follow. “You too Kyle, we need to take you back to the base.” Kyle ran up to them and sat in the only available seat. The Jeep started and was heading back to base. During the car ride, Kyle looked out the window and saw ruins. Everything that he remembered seeing during the day was destroyed. There were collapse buildings, flipped cars, and cracks in the sides of the roads. The sky looked like it was on fire. All Kyle could think of was what the hell happened. How did he sleep through all this? 

“You okay?” Alfie asked. “You look frightened” 

Finn interrupted, “He’s probably just hasn’t been in any action yet.”

“So what are we fighting?” Kyle asked. “I’ve been at a desk all day, so I don’t know anything that has happened.” 

“You’ll see,” Finn answered. 

The car pulled up to a gate. A guy walked towards the car to check something. He shined the light on Kyle and looked at Finn. “He’s a transfer.” The guy walked back and the gate moved aside to let them in. The guys got out of the car and walked their separate ways. Jay looked back at Kyle and motioned him to follow. “We’re talking you to see what has happened. Cause I’m pretty sure that the news has fucked it.” They continued walking until they were in front of steel doors. Finn took out his ID and put it up to the screen. The doors opened. They walked into the room. They walked by something gigantic. Something that was brownish green. This something scale-like skin. 

“This is what has happened,” Alfie said pointing to the monster. 

“What is it?” 

Finn answered, “We don’t know what it is, but it deadly. All we know for sure is that our enemy is behind this.” 

A guy with white hair called for them. They walked up to him and he told them about the new mission. “The four of you will go to the enemy’s base and plant these there. Once it is done, turn on the signal.” 

“Yes Sir,” they answered. 

They drove toward the base and snuck in. Everything was fine, until Alfie tripped over a wire. One by one, they were being hunted. Kyle ran. He climbed up a tree and hid there. He heard the leaves rustling besides him. He turned only to see red eyes, sharp teeth, and scale-like skin. It lunged towards him, tackling him to the ground. It clawed him and it opened its mouth and went for Kyle’s throat.

Kyle woke up in a frenzy state. He was hyperventilating. He was sweating. He looked around. He was back in his room. He got up to get his water bottle. He drank some water, and sat back down.  “Ok, I have to focus.” He picked up his book and started reading again. Once again, he started to fall asleep. 

Kyle got up off the floor. He saw a device in his hand, and all he could remember was that he needed to plant it at the base. He walked towards the base and completes his mission. He turned on the signal, but nothing happened.

He looked around. It was dark and cold. There was no one in sight. Everything was quiet. He looked through his bag and took out a flashlight. He turned it on and started walking. For a while, he couldn’t find anyone. His flashlight started to dim. He tapped it against his hand and it was back to normal. He pointed the light forward and he spotted someone. “Hey!” The person didn’t answer him. “Hey!” He runs up to the person. “What’s going on? Is the war over?” The person was still ignoring him. Frustrated, Kyle turned the person over. “Hey! I asked you a-” He screamed and dropped his flashlight. The person had a deformed face. His flesh was melted, he had and empty eye socket, deep gashes, and his mouth was hanging. The person fell to the ground. Kyle went to pick up his flashlight and the person leaped at him. He screamed and kicked it off. Kyle got up and started running. The person followed. It started off slow, but started running after Kyle. Kyle kept running and running, until he heard a gun shot.  He stopped and looked back. He saw the person on the ground, laying in it’s own blood. He sees someone pointing a gun at him. 

“Don’t shoot!” Kyle shouted. 

The guy was the gun walked up to him. “Kyle?”


Mike started pointing him. “We thought you were dead. Where were you?” 

“I don’t know, but what’s happening? What was that thing?” Kyle asked. 

Mike told him to come with him. They headed off to a house. Mike knocked on it three times and it opened. Mike closed the door and bolted it shut. Kyle turned and saw his friends. “Se-” Mike covered his mouth and shushed him. “You need to stop shouting. That gun shot probably attracted more, so shut the fuck up.” 

“Attracted more of what?” Kyle whispered.

Seth shrugged, “We don’t know, but they look like zombies.”

“How did this happen?” Kyle asked. 

“We were out for the night, and then there was this huge explosion.When we woke up, this stuff happened.” Seth said. 

“Guys, we should see now. We need to move tomorrow morning.” Mike said. 

Everyone took their place and drifted off to sleep. 

“Wake up!” Mike shouted.

Kyle turned and he felt a punch. “They’re surrounding the house! Kyle, get up now!” 

  Kye got up and mike dragged him up the stairs. He closed the door behind them and bolted it shut. “What about the others?” 

“Don’t worry about it.” Mike shouted. “They probably did the same thing.” 

He heard a crash and people started screaming. Something was trying to open the door from the outside. Mike tossed him a gun and told him to shot if anything comes in. They pressed the backs against the window and the door flung open. Zombies came and Mike started shooting. Kyle did the same. Kyle turned to shoot the zombie next to Mike, one of them lunged towards him and they both went out the window into a pool. 

Kyle woke up coughing. He was drenched from head to toe. He turned and saw that Mike and Seth dumped a bucket of water on him. 

“You knew this would happen if you got distracted.” Mike laughed. 


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Boredom is Distraction

There are many problems in the world we live in. There is poverty, war, pollution, debt, etc. But the biggest problem people seem to deal with, no matter where they are from, is BOREDOM. People care about what is happening right now, they care about the present. Even though there are bigger problems, many people only care about how to get rid of the boredom they have now.

Boredom effects everyone. Somebody could be the busiest person ever, but during some part of their day, they feel that certain emptiness. The emptiness that can only be formed by boredom. Boredom can happen at any time. It can happen while you are at work or in school, while you are doing work, or while you have nothing better to do.

Boredom has an impact on our everyday lives. It gives you an empty feeling, begging you to feed it. You can try to do things to satisfy it, but it is usually hard to get rid of. You will do everything that you can to deal with the boredom, but in the end, you will just waste so much time. Although it is hard to get rid of the empty feeling, there are many things that can fill it up.

The empty feeling it gives you is a distraction. It distract people from their everyday lives. It distracts people from their work and they end up procrastinating. For some odd reason, people get really bored when they have the most work. It is like they can’t help it but to be bored.  When you are bored, especially when you have work to do, focusing on other things is very easy.  People will spend their time on other things, besides their work. They go on different websites, or play video games until they realize that they have so many things to do.

What Boredom Does To Me:

I am one of those people who gets really bored easily and for some odd reason, whenever I have major things that are due, I get really bored. So bored to the point where I end up convincing myself that it is a good idea to do other things. I end up going on tumblr, youtube, or iwastesomuchtime to get rid of the boredom. Then I would end up spending hours on it, not realizing how much time has past, and freaking out when there is little time to finish all my things.

Jackgaps 1 jacksgap 2  

When I go on tumblr or, I would just look at the homepage or my dashboard, and just scroll through looking at the different posts they have. I would like the post, reblog them, and sometimes send them to my friends because I think they will find it interesting, or they will find it funny. For iwastesomuchtime, I look through the posts until I reach to where I left off before. Last time, I went on the website everyday during a certain class, so I only looked at the stuff they posted that day. Tumblr is different. Since I follow so many different people, there are always new post within minutes. So, I can spend most of my time there. I would have to force myself to get off tumblr and stay away from it until my work it done.

I will be honest, for some of my classes, I go on tumblr to help keep me awake. I may like the class, but there are times when I cannot keep myself awake. A lot of the times, it is whenever the teacher is lecturing.  So whenever I start to get bored, I take out my phone and go on the tumblr app. Since I am in class, I won’t be able to see some of the posts, like the songs or the videos, so I would like them so I can watch them later. Most of the time, I am able to scroll through the posts while maintain my composure. But once I get to the posts I find really funny, I have a hard time trying to keep in my laughter. It can be the dumbest post and it will set me off. By going on tumblr, it helps me stay awake during class.

When I am trying to do work, the one thing that distracts me the most is going on youtube. I tell myself that I will only watch the new videos my subscriptions have posted. Some times, I can just watch the new videos, but if I feel really bored, I watch one of my favorite youtubers and watch his videos. I may have seen all his videos, but I find him so entertaining that I always end up laughing during his videos. The person I like to watch a lot is Davidsocomedy. Most of his videos are vlogs, but he has a couple of skits up. His vlogs are about different topics. He has made videos about drunk people, fighting, responses to other viral videos like Alexandra Wallace, and more. The way he talks, his facial expression, and his comments are what I find the most hilarious.

When I have a lot of work that has to be done, I manage to convince myself that naps will help. I thought that if I took a nap, my brain would be refreshed, and working would be a lot easier. Usually what ends up happening is that I don’t want to wake up. I would keep snoozing my alarm, cause I would rather sleep than do work. My dreams are more interesting then the work itself.

Basically, all this time I spent on tumblr, youtube, or taking naps could have been used to be productive. But, because I was bored while trying to do the work, I had to find other things to do just to get rid of the boredom. It does help, but I just end up spending most of time doing the other things instead of doing my work. 

The Nice Thing About Being Bored:

When there is nothing to do, people usually get bored. Many of them hate the feeling, but there are moments when I find it relaxing. Since I am so busy on a regular bases, having nothing to do it nice. So when I am bored, I would go outside, hangout with my friends, or just watch movies nonstop. Being able to do the things I need to do to get rid of my boredom feels fun and relaxing, especially when I know that I don’t have work to do. These are really rare moments, and I think people should appreciate it.

Trying to Get Things Done:

“Don’t forget, next week is when your major assignment is due,” the professor said while the students were packing up and leaving the class. Jane wrote herself a reminder about the assignment and left. She left the building, walked down the block, and crossed the street to get back to her dorm. She signed into the building and pressed the elevator button. One of the elevators was broken once again, so her and a few other people had to wait a while. Some people couldn’t stand the wait and just went to take the stairs.

“Pfft, I’m not taking the stair all the way up to the 10th floor,” Jane thought to herself. She took out her phone and changed the song that was playing. The elevator was finally here. The people in the elevator left, and the people who were waiting filed in, cramming together, trying to get as many people in. She looked at the screen. As the elevator went up, it got less cramped. It went from the 7th floor to the 15th floor.

“What the hell?” Jane thought. She rolled her eyes and smacked her forehead. She must have forgotten to press the button for her floor. She got off on the floor and took the stairs down to the 10th floor. When she got there, she walked to her dorm. Some people smiled at her and she smiled back. She saw a couple of her friends. She thought it wouldn’t hurt to socialize for a bit.

She took out her phone to check her texts. She looked at the time. She ended up hanging out with her friends for an hour. Jane got up and walked to her room. Once she was in the room, she saw that her roommate was gone. She took off her shoes, dropped her bag, and took off her jacket. She took out her books from her bag and placed them down on her desk.

“Ok, I’m gonna get this stuff done, so I won’t have to do anything this weekend,” Jane told herself. She turned her laptop on, and while she was waiting, she made a to do list. She wanted to make sure she got all the things done on the list cause she is going to a concert. She thought that if she did all the work now, she won’t have to worry about it later. She looked at the list. “It’s not that bad. There’s only a couple things to do.” Jane thought. She decided to start with the major assignment that’s due next week. She opened a new document and began typing. After a couple minutes, she couldn’t figure out what else to write. She only has 200 words of the 1500 she needed.

“Music! That will definitely help!” Jane opened Spotify and looked through her playlists. She didn’t know what to listen to. After some minutes, she decided to make a new playlist for the band she is going to see that weekend. She put every album they had onto the playlist and began listening to it. She sang along with the songs

She still didn’t know what to write, so she looked at the prompt again and started outlining her thoughts. Halfway through, she started to zone out. “I should take a power nap. I’ll feel better after it,” Jane said. She climbed into her bed and set an alarm for an hour later. She shut her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Jane was at the concert. She was so close to the band. She was jumping and singing along, having the time of her life. They began throwing thing from the stage. She turned and caught it. When she turned back to the stage, everything was empty. It was dark and silent. Out of nowhere, she heard a whispering voice. As it got closer, it got louder. Suddenly it was right behind her. Jane quickly turned, but she saw nothing. She could still hear the voice clearly. She looked around, but still saw nothing. She turned back to the stage and a bloody creature launched at her.

* * * * * * * * * * *

“Wake up!” her roommate shouted, “You left your music on again.”

Jane turned over and faced her. She rubbed her eyes and check her phone for the time. “Shit, I slept longer than I wanted to.” Jane got up, stretched, and went to her desk to do her work.

How The Confined Youth Deals With Boredom: 

In Denmark, Tea Torbenfeldt Bengtsson went to a youth confinement facility to research how the confined youth deals with boredom. She finds out that they will do anything from disobeying the guards, to telling stories about their crimes. They are willing the disobey the guard just to watch tv and not have to work. When the prisoners tell each other stories about their outside lives, everyone is excited. Watching tv and even telling stories is the best way they can deal with their boredom. They rather not think about their time inside.

I found it really interesting that they tell each other their personal stories as a form out relieving boredom. Sometimes when people tell stories, people get bored and stop listening. But with these prisoners, they were happy to tell them. I guess it is better than doing the same routine everyday, for the rest of their time there. I also found it funny that the guard would just yell at them and leave when they disobey them. Like when they wanted to watch tv instead or doing their jobs, so they just didn’t listen to what the guards were telling them.

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